Garage / Estate Sales Permit

Any person conducting a garage sale or other sales involving the offering of multiple items of personal property on residential property is required to obtain a garage sale permit from the city.

Times of Operation

Sales are confined to the period between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. of any day and shall not exceed 1 or 2 days over a 5 consecutive day period.


  • There shall be no display or sale of any property in the front yard of the premises.
  • No one may employ the services of an auctioneer in connection with any such sale.

Number Per Year

No more than 1 such sale per calendar year may be held at the premises if occupied by the same family.


Helpful Resources

Please call Morgan Forney, 314-432-6606, for more information or to obtain an Estate and Garage Sale Permit Application; Estate and Garage Sale Regulations