City Parks

The City of Town and Country owns and maintains approximately 55 acres of parkland in 3 separate parks.  Our parks include Drace Park, Longview Farm Park and Preservation Park. All City Parks & Town Square operate year-round from dawn to dusk.

Park Pavilion Rentals

Park Resident 
Rate/4 hrs
Rate/4 hrs
Drace $40  $80
Longview Farm $50  $100 50 60
Preservation $30  $60 30 40
Town Square $30 $60 30 30
Pavilions are available to rent for Residents and Non-Residents.  Schools and Businesses in Town & Country will be considered for the Resident Rate. A pavilion rental is good for up to four hours and includes your setup and cleanup time. Each park has a covered pavilion, a playground, and restrooms in close proximity to the parking lot.  Pavilions are available for rent March-October and may be booked the first business day of the calendar year.

NEW!  FOOD TRUCKS are now allowed for pavilion rentals!  Food Truck Application must be submitted to by an employee of the food truck.  By submitting the application, applicant acknowledges that the food truck must be parked in a parking space and is not allowed on pedestrian paths. 
NOTE:  Application fee may apply.  Submission of the application does not guarantee approval.

Pavilion rentals must be requested a minimum of 7 days before event date.

Request a pavilion online, call the office at 314-587-2814, or E-mail. 

Drace Park

2310 Cedar Valley Road Town & Country, MO 63131

Longview Farm Park

13525 Clayton Road Town & Country, MO 63141 

Preservation Park

12625 N. Outer 40 Town & Country, MO 63141

Town Square

13360 Clayton Road Town and Country, MO 63131

Note: Queeny Park is located adjacent to Town and Country and is a St. Louis County park.