Drace Park

Pavilion Rentals - Full Day Rental 10AM-7PM

Park Resident 
Drace $100 $200
Longview Farm $125 $250 50 60
Preservation $75  $150 30 40
Town Square $125 $250 30 30

 2310 Cedar Valley Road Town & Country, MO 63131

Rent the Drace Park Pavilion. The Drace Park Pavilion is available for rental to Town & Country residents.  

Click here for the Drace Park Trail Map.

Drace Park was purchased in October of 2000 and dedicated in June of 2003. The park is nine-acres and located just east of Interstate 270 and south of Clayton Road. The site was purchased from the Drace Family.

Park amenities include a picnic pavilion with a barbecue grill and electricity, playground, restrooms, multi-use asphalt trail, and three log cabins.


DRACE playground construction

Drace Park Playgound will be replaced with construction beginning on June 12, 2023. The City was awarded a Municipal Park Grant for this project.  During construction, the playground area will be closed.  Crews will periodically close portions of the trail for short periods of time, but the rest of the park will remain open.  For additional questions about the project, contact Anne Nixon, Parks and Recreation Director at nixona@town-and-country.org

Photo Renderings

Project Plans

Drace Park FINAL - Overview North
Drace Park FINAL - Overview South
Drace Park FINAL - Log Tangle West
Drace Park FINAL - Swings
Drace Park FINAL - Tower1 North