Building Code Quick Reference Sheet

Some of the City of Town and Country's building code requirements may be different from those in other municipalities. Listed below are some of our requirements to help you plan your building project.

  • Minimum 5 / 8-inch drywall on all new construction. No taping prior to inspection. Screw or nail inspection required
  • Double layer of 5 / 8-inch type "x" drywall for the separation wall on the garage side of the house, between house and garage, to the underside of the roof sheathing, or, if habitable rooms are above the garage, 2 layers of 5 / 8-inch drywall on the ceiling of the garage - Separation wall door and jamb to have a 1 1 / 2-hour (90-minute) rating
  • Basement - 5 / 8-inch drywall required throughout, if basement is finished
  • Minimum 10-inch thick foundation wall and 2 number 4 rebars at top and bottom for basement walls
  • Maximum 8-inch thick foundation wall and 2 number 4 rebars at top and bottom for short walls
  • Minimum 22-inch by 10-inch footing with 2 number 4 rebars for basement walls
  • Minimum 20-inch by 8-inch footing with 2 number 4 rebars for short walls
  • Maximum 6-inch exposed foundation with siding and 4-inch exposed foundation with brick. Weep holes to be above the foundation
Greenspace (permeable surface)
  • Minimum 75% green space on lots 1 acre or more
  • Minimum 60% green space on lots less than 1 acre
Floor Area Percent
  • Maximum 13% floor area (habitable area) on lots 1 acre or more
  • Maximum 16% floor area on lots less than 1 acre
Retaining Walls
  • Less than 4-feet in height there is no permit required
  • Four feet or more in height a building permit required, with 2 sets of plans showing deadmen, geogrids, and backfill material
  • Walls are allowed in the side and rear setbacks of a lot
  • Masonry fireplaces allowed. Metal inserts or prefabricated fireplaces are not allowed inside masonry fireplaces
  • Gas only, factory sealed fireplaces, with metal flues or direct vents, are allowed at the rear of homes where venting is not observed from the front and venting matches or blends with roof or siding materials
  • No permit required if replacing windows of the same size and type only
  • Permit required if structural changes are made to the size of the headers, or the windows are increased in size to require tempered glass
Replacement Siding
  • No permit required for siding provided that no sheathing is removed or replaced
Furnace / Air Conditioning Replacement
  • Permit is required to replace a furnace, air conditioner, or ductwork