New Business Information

Welcome! The City of Town and Country is happy to welcome you to our business community. We hope that the following information will make launching your new business easier. Please review the information below and call the Planning or Finance Department with any questions. We also invite you to browse this site to learn more about our community. Contacts for questions that cannot be answered by the Planning and Public Works Department can be found on our Helpful Contacts page.

Planning & Public Works

(314) 587-2820

Occupancy Permit

Occupancy permits are required for all new businesses, commercial spaces changes and commercial business name changes. West County EMS & Fire District complete yearly inspection of all non-residential occupancies. The City cannot renew a business license without the fire inspection report.

Building Permit

Ordinarily, cosmetic changes to a business space, such as painting, papering, new flooring will not require a building permit. Structural changes will require a building permit.


Commercial activities, including offices and retail establishments, are only permitted in certain districts in the city. Certain commercial activities, such as restaurants, may also require a Conditional Use Permit before opening. Please call the city's Planning and Public Works Department before making your final plans to open a business to confirm that you proposed location is allowed and to discuss any permits and approvals that may be required.

Sign Permit

The city's requirements for exterior signs vary, depending on zoning district and location, as described in the Sign Regulations of the Municipal Code. Sign permits are issued after approval of plans and drawings, accompanied by the city's Sign Permit Application. There is a fee of $100 per sign due when the permit is issued.

Restaurant Approval

The City's Board of Aldermen may approve restaurants that comply with the following restaurant standards and conditions:

  • All loading and unloading of food stuffs shall be via the building loading and service entrance
  • All trash, debris and discarded food shall be contained in covered receptacles in an enclosed trash pick-up area
  • All other ordinances of the City of Town and Country shall be observed and complied within connection with the restaurant and failure to do so shall be cause for revocation of any applicable city licenses and/or permits
  • Applicable licenses and permits shall be non-transferable and non-assignable


Finance Department

(314) 587-2810

Business License

Each business, occupation, trade, merchant and manufacturer within the city is required to secure a business license, unless expressly exempted by State Statute. Please contact Marian Oesterle, (314) 587-2810, in the City's Finance Department for information about obtaining a City business license. Business licenses must be renewed annually.

Liquor License

The City's Finance Director issues liquor licenses for retail and/or package sales, after all legal requirements are satisfied and after city Board of Aldermen approval. Further information about liquor licenses can be found by contacting the Finance Department at (314) 587-2810 or by e-mail.

Home Occupations

Businesses are generally not allowed to operate in residences in the city. However, the city defines certain commercial activities as home occupations and allows them as long as they comply with the criteria in Section 615.350 of the Municipal Code. A business license is not required for a home occupation.

Required Information for Restaurant Approval
  • Name and address of restaurant property owner and/or operator
  • Hours and days of operation
  • Type of restaurant service (with menu, if available)
  • Area of restaurant interior (with floor plan, if available)
  • Location and address of restaurant shown on a plan of the site