Department History

Founded in 1950 as the Village of Town and Country with a geographical area of less than four square miles, police services were originally provided by the St. Louis County Police Department. In 1963 the Town and Country Department of Public Safety was formed and consisted of six full-time officers, one car and one fire truck. The Public Safety Officer served as both a police officer and fire fighter. Officers worked every other day for 24 hours at a time, spending 8 hours as a police officer and 16 hours in the fire station. The police car was a station wagon equipped with a stretcher and inhalator. This was before the days of EMS units and paramedics, so officers would transport injured citizens to the hospital in the police station wagon.
Department of Public Safety Patch
The Village of Town and Country was eventually incorporated as The City of Town and Country in 1974. After the annexation of a large area to the west of the then current city limits a decision was made to split police and fire services and the Town and Country Police Department was formed in 1983.

November 28th, 2013, marked the 30th anniversary of the Town and Country Police Department. Back in 1983, priority was given to the major obstacles associated with starting up a police department and many smaller decisions like uniforms and badge styles were deferred. The end results were generic uniforms and badges.

Old and New Patch
Over the past 30 years we have changed our department patch once, changed uniforms colors and styles a total of two times, and changed the appearance of our police vehicles five times. While we were very happy with our current uniform, patch, and police cars, we felt the Department’s 30th anniversary would be the perfect opportunity to introduce an updated badge design that was more identifiable with the City of Town and Country.
Five Car Styles
With the help of one of our officers a sketch of our City logo drawn on a shield style badge was created. We then began working with the Lawman Badge Company on artwork for the new badge. After approval by the Police Commission the badges were ordered.
The new badge incorporates the Clayton Road firehouse, which is prominently located in the heart of the City’s Town Center; the Great Seal of the State of Missouri, which is where our officers derive their ultimate authority; and the year 1983, which is when the Town and Country Police Department, was formed.
Actual New Badge
Over the decades the department has operated under the guiding principal of “never stop improving.” As a result the Town and Country Police Department has become one of the most progressive and professional law enforcement agencies in the State of Missouri. Each and every employee strives to provide premier service and protection to our residents, business community and visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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