Operations Division

The Operations Division is the largest and most visible division of the Town & Country Police Department. This Division includes the uniformed women and men assigned to patrol the City of Town & Country, providing the first line of police services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Operations Division is divided into two platoons, each overseen by an Operations Commander (Lieutenant).  Similarly, each platoon consists of two squads which staff two-twelve hour shifts over a twenty-four hour period every day of the year. Each squad is constructed of a Sergeant, Corporal, and 2 police officers.

The City of Town & Country is strategically divided into two patrol districts, each patrolled by a specifically assigned uniformed officer. In addition, Officers assigned to the Support Services Division work in concert with the Patrol Division to increase staffing during high call volume periods in an effort to enhance patrol functions.  The goal of the Operations Division is to proactively solve problems and protect life and property through education, prevention, and enforcement.