City Clerk

The City Clerk of Town and Country is Ashley McNamara. The City Clerk holds a statutory position, and was elected by a majority vote of the Board of Aldermen.  Ashley was named a Certified Municipal Official in November 2014 after attending the Municipal Governance Institute thru the Missouri Municipal League and was certified with the professional designation as a Missouri Registered City Clerk (MRCC) from the Missouri City Clerks & Finance Officer's Association in February 2021.


Major responsibilities of the City Clerk include upholding the laws of the city, maintaining and drafting official records such as the Board of Aldermen and Board of Adjustment minutes, all ordinances, resolutions, and other vital documents.

Other responsibilities include assisting citizens, corporate residents and the general public with information; processing candidate filing applications and certification for municipal elections; posting public meeting notices as required by Missouri law; administering oaths of office; certifying and affirming various city documents; maintaining the city's Municipal Code Book; scheduling subdivision meetings and several other day-to-day functions. The City Clerk serves as a notary public and registrar for the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners, and retains custody of the official city seal.  

Involvement in Local Organizations

The City Clerk is actively involved in such organizations as the Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers Associations (MoCCFOA) at both the local and state levels, the International Institute of Municipal Clerks and the Missouri Municipal League

Official Goals

The Office of the City Clerk strives to give complete and accurate information, and remains neutral and impartial on all political matters, rendering equal service to all.

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