Deer Management Task Force


The commission meets at the call of the co-chairs. 

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are prepared before each meeting. Minutes are available following approval.
 Recent Agendas


  • Barbara Ann Hughes, Co-Chair
  • Doug Rushing, Co-Chair
  • Rosilee Trotta, Ward 1
  • Ron Burkhardt, Ward 1
  • Al Gerber, Ward 2
  • Bob Tuckett, Ward 2  
  • Dr Nahid Hashemi, Ward 3
  • Glenn or Shawn Grow, Ward 3  
  • Sue Blake, Ward 4
  • Tom Gura, Ward 4
  • Liaisons:
    Alderman Lindsey Butler, Conservation Commission Chair
    Anne Nixon, Director of Parks and Recreation


The mission of this task force is to review and evaluate past performance of the City of Town & Country’s deer management program, to evaluate all methods of deer management, and to make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen for future deer management programs.
To visit the Deer Management page for information on the program please CLICK HERE.

To report a dead deer CLICK HERE. City staff will contact the appropriate hauler.  Please include DEER LOCATION in your report.  For an immediate report call the Town & Country Police 314-432-4696.


NOVEMBER, 2017 - In early 2017, Mayor Dalton appointed a Deer Management Task Force to analyze the current state of deer management in Town and Country. The ten-member Task Force, led by Co-Chairs Barbara Ann Hughes and Doug Rushing, represented all four wards of the City. Liaisons to the Task Force included Alderman Lindsey Butler, Chair of the Conservation Commission, and Anne Nixon, Director of Parks and Recreation.
The Task Force conducted a number of public meetings throughout the Spring and Summer with the objective of submitting a final report to the Board of Aldermen by September 1. Unable to reach agreement on one final report, two separate reports were submitted by the Co-Chairs.
While the Task Force issued separate reports, both contained common recommendations that included the importance of partnerships with area municipalities and St. Louis County. Public / private collaborative efforts were also discussed by the Task Force as a way in which to explore effective non-lethal methods and grant funding for non-lethal management.
After considering the work of the Task Force and the expert advice of the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Board of Aldermen passed Ordinance 4138 that authorized White Buffalo, a professional wildlife management organization, to cull up to 400 deer with the primary goal of improving public safety by reducing deer / vehicle collisions.
The management program will take place during the month of January and February, 2018 and will be confined to the time frame of approximately 3:00 to 9:00 pm on only selected properties with the approval of the property owner. No other hunting or management activities are lawful in the City of Town and Country.