Parks & Trails Commission


  • 3rd Monday of the month
The Commission generally meets monthly but not less than quarterly.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are prepared before each meeting. Minutes are available following approval.
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The Parks & Trails Commission consists of 2 members from each ward and up to 2 at-large members. All members have equal voting rights. All terms are 2-year, renewable terms.
  • Alderman David Murphy (Chairman), Ward 4
  • Kassie Harrold, (Regular Member), Ward 1
  • Kathleen Lemay (Regular Member), Ward 1
  • Adam Baer (Regular Member), Ward 2
  • Beth Nelson (Regular Member), Ward 2
  • Linda Robson (Regular Member), Ward 3

  • Stephanie Petersen (Regular Member), Ward 3
  • Robert O'Blennis (At-Large Member), Ward 3
  • Meg Johnson (Regular Member), Ward 4
  • Steve Korbecki (Regular Member), Ward 4


The Parks & Trails Commission serves as an advisory board to the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen on issues concerning the parks system as it relates to the quality of life for residents and property values within the City of Town and Country. The parks system consists of designated areas of green space, recreation and trails to facilitate pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Responsibilities and duties of the Parks & Trails Commission shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Recommend improvements for existing parks and their infrastructure, including maintenance, public parking, plantings, features and attractions, particularly upon regular visit and inspection of each throughout the year.

2. Make recommendations regarding the development of the Trails Master Plan to promote safe community mobility, exercise and recreation, to be implemented as set forth in Section 125.250.

3. Work closely with the City government, staff and other commissions regarding the development, use and maintenance of or any changes to the parks and/or trails systems, including Town Square. Make recommendations on aspects such as landscaping, planting, weed and erosion control, upkeep of trails, signage and any activities within the parks system.

4. Assess undeveloped and underdeveloped green spaces within the City that may be considered appropriate for park and open space preserves and make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen for acquisition of such., in addition to serving as the City's Tree Board as noted in Section 125.331.

5. Assess opportunities for the provision of recreational programs and events for residents of all ages and stages of life.

6. Assist in the development of an Events Calendar to be made publicly available by January 1 of each year. Activities contained therein should be broadly-based and promote utilization of each park's features.

7. Make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen on Parks and Recreation Department policies, procedures, programming, and facility fees.

8. Investigate, review, and make recommendations concerning opportunities to acquire and display public art, in addition to the ongoing curatorship and maintenance of City-owned, leased, or donated works of art in various mediums.

9. Manage the Community Garden and maintain connection with the active garden clubs within the City.

10. Make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen with respect to the development, support, and provision of opportunities for ecologically sound practices and enhanced sustainability within the City.

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