Storm Water Program

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In 1998 the voters of Town & Country approved a one-half of one percent (.5%) sales tax on all retail sales within the City of Town & Country for the purpose of providing funding for storm water control and local parks. The revenue stream generated by this tax supports the functions of the Parks & Storm Water Fund. One of these functions is the correction of storm water control issues on residential properties. As a result, the Public Works Commission developed and the Board of Aldermen adopted two separate mechanisms to prioritize and address storm water control deficiencies.

The Storm Water Control Program allows for the application of resources to a myriad of projects which are unfeasible to be addressed by an individual property owner. This program has been memorialized in the City of Town & Country Municipal Code (Section 415, Article III) and a copy of the full program criteria can be found here. To be considered for the program a project shall meet the following minimum guidelines:

  • Threatened public structure or improvement, or
  • Surface flows altered or caused by a public improvement, or
  • Cannot reasonably be completed by individual property owner due to the necessary involvement of other parties or agencies outside of that individual control, or
  • Altered upstream conditions, or
  • Inadequate system design under previously less restrictive development regulations
The Storm Water Maintenance Policy was more recently adopted by the Board of Aldermen. It was determined that the level of analysis provided to larger projects was unnecessary and overly burdensome in some situations. In an effort to gain the greatest efficiency, a policy was developed which allows for more modest projects to be addressed without the need for costly review and ranking. For projects with a defined and readily identifiable scope as well as no jurisdiction by outside regulatory agencies, it is offered as a more direct conduit to mitigation. The full policy can be found here.

If you have questions about a project or would like to have your issue evaluated for either system, please contact the Department of Planning & Public Works, by calling (314) 587-2820 or by clicking here, to schedule an appointment.

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