Support Services Division

The Investigations Bureau is one unit of the Support Services Division. The Investigations Bureau supports the Operations Division of the department by conducting reactive and proactive follow-up investigations of reported criminal activity. Such follow-up includes interviewing victims and witnesses, interrogating suspects, processing crime scenes and preparing criminal cases to be presented to the Municipal Prosecutor, St. Louis County Prosecutor’s office or Federal Magistrate for arrest and/or search warrants. Personnel assigned to this unit possess special knowledge and skills in interviewing/interrogating, crime scene processing, interpersonal communication and criminal law.

The Investigations Bureau consists of a Detective Sergeant and two Investigators. Detectives within the Division are on-call 24 hours a day/7 days a week and serve as active members of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis and Missouri Juvenile Justice Association.

The Operational Support Unit (OSU) is another aspect of the Support Services Division. The OSU is a proactive, two-officer unit responsible for addressing “quality of life” issues within the community, coordinating and organizing community events, scheduling and presenting 4E training within the schools, business districts, and faith-based communities, hot-spot policing, and other crime prevention details.

Fleet management is the final component of the Support Services Division. The Division Commander (Lieutenant) serves as the fleet manager. This Lieutenant is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and tracking the fleet of TCPD’s vehicles with goals of improving fleet efficiency, optimizing costs, and reducing risks.