Support Services Division

The Support Services Division is comprised of different specialized units, each with the primary mission of assisting and supplementing the Patrol Division in carrying out the organizational mission of providing an exemplary level of service.  These units are aligned in the chain of command with the Support Services Sergeant and Lieutenant.

The Investigations Unit supports the Operations Division by conducting proactive investigations based on gathered intelligence as well as follow-up investigations of reported criminal activity. Additionally, personnel in this unit are regularly assigned to the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis to assist in the investigations of homicides in the region. Some of the primary responsibilities of this unit are conducting interviews of victims and witnesses, the interrogation suspects, crime scene processing, the completion and execution of search warrants, and the preparation and presentation of criminal cases to be presented to the Municipal, State or Federal Prosecutor’s Office.    

The Special Response Unit supports the Operations Division through the development and execution of directed patrol and enforcement plans to address crime and citizen/business concerns.  This is accomplished by working individually or in tandem with the Investigations Unit and/or the Patrol Division to assist in targeted patrol activity to deter crime, and to focus non committed time to targeted traffic enforcement, narcotics investigations, confidential informant development, and overall crime deterrence tactics.  This unit’s mission also includes enhancing positive working relationships with retail businesses and focusing on identified hotspots for retail theft.

The Community Engagement Unit supports both the Operations Division and the Support Service Division through the gathering of statistics and conducting analysis to identify crime trends in an effort to direct specific targeted enforcement for the SRU and Patrol Division.  Members of this unit also focus non committed time to community relations building strategies to foster positive working relationships with school and business officials.  Other activities include the development and execution of long term initiatives to enhance community and stakeholder partnerships, and to assist with the core function of the Investigative Unit when necessary and when directed through the chain of command.