Mission Statement

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The Mission of the City of Town & Country is to maintain a hospitable environment for our residents and other stakeholders and to foster a "sense of community" among ourselves as defined below:

A "sense of community" is indicated when the residents of Town & Country share a common identity with and feeling of satisfaction and pride in their city because of its laws, respect for the individual, property values, environmental attractiveness and communal interests. 
We recognize that integrity is the foundation of our values which includes honesty, trust, candor, moral and ethical conduct in all aspects of providing services to our community.


We believe that courtesy and respect are rightfully due all individuals, recognizing that differing opinions are reached with honesty and conviction.


We expect the stewards of the City's assets and resources to be fiscally responsible in budgeting, planning and making decisions, and to be accountable for their standards of performance.


We expect our City's government to provide the services necessary to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for its residents and for all who traverse through our City.


We are committed to preserve the "country" in Town & Country while maintaining a balance between our residential and commercial communities.


We believe in the spirit of neighborliness with citizen involvement and participation in activities and discussions of issues in the municipality, fostering a sense of community.


We, the people of Town & Country, take pride in our community, and expect commitment to quality in all governance and in the providing of municipal services. We aspire to kindle a spirit of leadership that will be admired by our residents and others.