Discovery Sculpture Project

Horse and Dog

Art is powerful. It defines a community and gives it character. It builds a community by enhancing the quality of life. An expanding arts program in Town & Country will contribute to our cultural fabric.

The City of Town & Country celebrated its 65th anniversary of incorporation in 2015. To commemorate this milestone, a Public Art Commission was established and a public sculpture was commissioned by the City. This sculpture was installed and dedicated to its temporary location at Longview Farm Park in October, 2016.  Once the City's Town Square was complete, Discovery moved there as its final home.

Video of Sculptor Harry Weber

Harry Weber
This sculpture project is called Discovery. Discovery is a life size bronze horse and dog that communicates the essence of the name, Town & Country. It celebrates the confluence of the town experience with the joy and pleasures derived from living with nature, representing the unique identity of our community. Town & Country chose a representational sculpture by internationally famous sculptor, Harry Weber, of domestic and wild animals in a natural setting to represent the Discovery of nature and the rural lifestyle highly valued by the residents.
All funds for Discovery were privately raised and accepted by the City as a tax deductible donations.