Identified Storm Water Projects

The City of Town and Country adopted a Storm Water Control Program in 1998 to address storm water concerns for affected City infrastructure as well as private properties where surface drainage conditions have created a negative impact. The identification of potential projects is determined by the Planning & Public Works Department through analyses of public infrastructure and input by individual residents. These projects are then ranked for allocation of resources as funding becomes available. Below is a table listing the ranking of studied projects that have been identified, click on a project name to view a summary. If you have storm water concerns please contact the Planning & Public Works Department at (314) 587-2820 or by clicking here.

Creve Coeur Creek and Grand Glaize Creek Watersheds

Deer Creek Watershed

The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) levies taxes to provide funding for the stormwater services provided within the Deer Creek OMCI Taxing District. These taxes vary by property location and comply with Missouri State Statute Sections 137.073 and 137.115, to the extent these sections apply; and Article X, Section 22 of the Missouri Constitution (Hancock Amendment).

Taxes collected in the various subdistricts must be spent within the subdistrict. Effective in 2016 all subdistrict tax rates were voluntarily set to zero. Beginning in FY21, tax rates in six of the subdistricts will no longer be reduced to zero, so stormwater projects can be started. Remaining fund balances from these taxes fund stormwater operations, maintenance, construction, and improvements within the geographic area where they are levied. The voters in each of these taxing districts voted to approve these taxes in exchange for a higher level of stormwater services than could be funded by the other two taxes. As a result, customers in these areas will see multiple MSD tax levies on their bill. They will pay the General Administrative tax, the Districtwide Stormwater Operations and Maintenance Tax and one or more OMCI taxes.

The City of Town & Country will participate in the reimbursement program to address the projects within this taxing district. The identified projects in the Deer Creek Watershed are:
Current Ranking Project ID Project Name
1 2020-04 12100 Carberry Pl Creek Erosion
2 2019-02 Bopp Ln Drainage
3 2021-02 2213 Barnbridge Rd

Municipal Code Section 415.165: Property Owner Participation

Individual property owners, subdivision organizations and other interest parties may make a monetary contribution to a project. Any contributions pledged by outside sources shall be identified as a part of the probable opinion of cost and deducted from the total project cost prior to the calculation of the cost to benefit ration. This adjusted ratio shall be utilized in the project ranking. No project with an adjusted ranking shall be implemented prior to the commitment of funds by the outside sources. These funds shall be placed in escrow with the City prior to the commitment of any resources by the City for the project.

For further information please contact Tim Randick at (314) 587-2822 or