Common Sense Tips

In this fast-paced world it seems everyone is in a hurry. But by slowing down to following a few easy, common senses tips and suggestions you can ensure a more worry-free vacation; internet and computer experience.  Be sure to check this page often as we will continue to provide additional tips throughout the year.



  • Cancel mail/newspapers
  • Make arrangements to keep lawns trimmed
  • Inform a trusted neighbor of your travel plans and ask to them to watch your home
  • Put lights on several timers in different rooms with varied on/off times
  • Do a window and door lock check to make sure they are locked
  • Call the police department to arrange for a vacation check
  • If you have a security system, be sure to turn it on 


  • Do not announce on social media that you are traveling until you return
  • Make sure your router is locked and you need a password to go online. This will make it more difficult to hack your system
  • If you have surveillance cameras and have an incident at or near your home review the footage and share suspicious activity with the police
  • Make sure that you have good lighting or infrared cameras so videos will be clearer at night


  • Use different passwords for every function and app
  • Turn off computers at night; experts indicate breaking in through Google is not difficult
  • Be very careful in social media, much can go wrong
  • Cover your computer’s camera when not in use so someone cannot hack in and look inside your room