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  1. BOA Speaker Request Form - Zoom
  2. Records Request Form

    Submit a records request to the City Clerk.

  3. Subdivision Trustee Update Form

    Trustees submit updated contact information by filling out this online form.

  1. General Concern Form

    Submit a concern to City staff by filling out this online form.

  2. Subdivision Meeting Request

    Subdivision Trustees can request a meeting at a City location using this form.


  1. Longview Art Gallery Guest Artist Application

    The Longview art gallery features a limited number of guest artists in solo show that last for about 2 months. Our rotating gallery... More…

  1. Sponsorship Opportunities

    Thank you for your interest in sponsoring an event with Town & Country Parks & Recreation Department. Benefits of being a sponsor are... More…


  1. Eagle Scout Project Request Form
  1. Pavilion Request Form

    Pavilion Information Cost Seating Capacity Parking Capacity Longview Farm Park $50 50 45 Drace Park $40 40 25 ... More…

Planning & Public Works

  1. Bopp Road Improvements General Comments

    Submit comments regarding the improvements for Bopp Road.

  1. Storm Water Evaluation Form

Town Square

  1. General Comments

    Submit comments regarding the Town Square.